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Revolutionary War Patriot Ancestors

As we dig further and further into our families backgrounds we find more and more relatives that fought on the winning side in what was called the American Revolution on our side and a Colonial Rebellion on the losing side. Here are the names we have found so far and as much as we know of what they did or contributed to the cause of FREEDOM.

Benjamin Morgan - Benjamin enlisted as a private from Vermont in 1775 and fought in many campaigns in the north including the Battles of Saratoga & Bennington, the taking of Fort Ticonderoga and an expedition into Canda. Was a member of Ethan Allen's Green Mountain Boys.
DARPI vol 2 pg 2073
Morgan, Benjamin b 1750 CT d 1-30-1834 VT m Lucy Dunham Pvt VT PNSR

Obadiah Dunham (1703 - 1813) - Obadiah rendered private service as a doctor during the war for Vermont, and with the local government. Later he was instrumental in the drafting of Vermonts constitution. He was also Benjamin's (above) father in law.
DARPI vol 1 pg 879
Dunham, Obadiah b 3-13-1730 CT d 2-17-1813 NY m Lucy Gillet Pvt PS VT

Elisha Mason (1756 - 1827) - Elisha served as a private during the war.
DARPI vol 2 pg 1914
Mason, Elisha b 8-3-1756 CT d 10-6-1827 MA m Sarah Horton Pvt MA

Solomon Horton II (1713 - 1776/1804) - Solomon Horton served as sergeant in Capt. Elijah Walker's company, Colonel Pope's Massachusetts regiment, at the Rhode Island Alarm.
The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 108 page 246 DAR ID Number: 107753

John Thurston, Captain (1737 - 1814) - John was a mate on one ship , possible the Prize Master, for Massachussetts and captained another during the war.
DARPI vol 3 pg 2936
Thurston, John b 6-30-1737 MA d 6-25-1814 MA m Eunice (Gott) Stockbridge Mstr-Mte MA

Joseph Linscott (1724 - 1787) - Joseph performed private service for about 3 years for the cause.
DARPI vol 2 pg 1810
Linscott, Joseph b 2-2-1723/4 MA d p 1790 m Eliza Peaks PS MA

Daniel Gott, Jr. (1739 - 1814) - Daniel was a private in the Revolution.
DARPI vol 1 pg 978
Gott, Daniel Jr b 12-23-1739 d 6-7-1814 MA m Hannah Norwood Pvt MA

Joseph Ewing (1716 - 1790) - Joseph performed private service for the cause.
DARPI vol 1 pg 978
Ewing, Joseph b c 1716 MA d 10-4-1790 MA m Elizabeth --- PS MA

Joseph Ewing Jr (1760 - 1846) - Joseph was a private in Capt. Nehemiah Curtis's co., Col. Jonathan Mitchel's regt. of the army in 1779 from present day Maine during the Penobscot expedition. He was also the son of the above Joseph Ewing.
Mass soldiers and Sailors of Rev War Volume 5 page 442

Samuel Drown (1734 - 1830) - Samuel Drown was in the artillery at Bunker Hill. Also he signed the Association Test of 1776 in Rochester NH
From a handwritten family tree at the Conway Public Library, NH.
History of Rochester, NH pg 62, Copy of the Assoc Test of 1776, Samuel Drown's name is among the signers

Samuel Drown/Drowne (1705 - 1795) - Samuel preformed private service for New Hampshire during the war. Some examples of private serice would be sewing uniforms, or performing medical serices, or spying for the US. He was also Samuel Drown's (above) Father.
DARPI vol 1 pg 879
Drown, Samuel b 7-1-1704 MA d 1795 NH m X PS NH

Oliver Calif (1747 - 1826) - Oliver attained the rank of Corporal in the Army. Oliver was from New Hampshire
DARPI vol 1 pg 470
Calef, Oliver b 1747 NH d 4-18-1826 NH m Elizabeth Melcher Cpl NH

John Littlefield (1717 - 1784) - John obtained the rank of Lt. Colonel in the Massachussetts Militia. He fought at the battle of Saratoga. He was in the Mass. Militia from 30 Aug 1775 until the War's end.
DARPI vol 2 pg 1816
Littlefield, John b 8-18-1717 MA d 1796 MA m Susanna --- LCol PS MA

Nathaniel Danforth (1703 - 1799/1800) - He Performed Civilian Service for New Hampshire during the war. This means he was an elected official who aided the rebellion or supported it (members of the rebellious state governments fall into this catagory for example)
DARPI vol 1 pg 755
Danforth, Nathaniel b 1703 MA d 1799/1800 NH m Priscilla Wycom CS NH

Eli Glines (1763/64 - 1858) - Eli was a private in the New Hampshire Continental Line during the war and recieved a pension for his service.
New Hampshire Pensioners of 1835 page 730

David Allard (1745 - 1831) - David was a private in New Hampshire for 6 months during the war.
DARPI vol 1 pg 34
Allard, David bpt 3-22-1746 NH d 11-23-1831 NH m Lydia Berry Pvt NH

Henry Allard (1705 - 1784) - Henry performed private service for New Hampshire for during the war. He was also David's (above) father.
DARPI vol 1 pg 34
Allard, Henry b 1700 NH d p 1784 NH m Sarah Rawlins PS NH
History of Rochester, NH pg 61, Copy of the Assoc Test of 1776, Henry Allards name is among the signers

Ithamar Seavey (1712 - 1781) - Ithamar performed private service for New Hampshire for during the war. He was also Samuel Drown's (1734-1830) father in law.
History of Rochester, NH pg 62, Copy of the Assoc Test of 1776, Ithamar Seaveys name is among the signers

Nathaniel Downes Jr (? - 1824) - Nathaniel served in the Army in 1775
Mass Soldiers and Sailors of Rev War Volume 4 page 935

Robert Barstow (1744 - 1827) - Robert joined Capt. James Curtis's co., Col. Finney's regt.. Also he joined ,at the rank of Private, Capt. Nehemiah Curtis's co., Col. Jonathan Mitchell's regt. He enlisted July 7, 1779 and was discharged Sept. 25, 1779 with service of 2 mos. 18 days on an expedition to Penobscot.
Mass Soldiers and Sailors of Rev War Volume 1 page 706

Benjamin Sullivan(1760 - 1846) - In 1776 He enlisted and served for two months in the REVOLUTIONARY WAR.
In 1777, shipped on board the Raleigh, Capt Thomas Thompson. The first United States ship that sailed out of Portsmouth. After cruising a month they took two large British ships, carried them safely into St. Louis, France. They then sailed into the English Channel, where the outward bound Jamaica fleet, under convoy of 8 or 10 armed vessels was discovered; two of them which were taken and carried into the port of St. Louis. Then he returned to the United States, and went to Rhode Island in 1778 under Gen. SULLIVAN-was in the battle and in the rear guard when he made his retreat.
In 1779, shipped on board the privateer SULLIVAN, of Portsmouth Capt. Thomas Manning- was taken prisoner by the British frigate 'Roebuck', and carried to Newfoundland, where he was confined in irons for two months , when he was exchanged and sent to Boston. Then shipped on board a merchant vessel at Portsmouth, bound for the West Indies. Again taken prisoner and forced to do duty on board an English frigate for two months; then taken to New York - put on board the old Jersey prison ship; here he remained for five months and ten days with the bare timbers for his bed ----- a scanty allowance of bread and beef --- half a pound of each per day; after an exchange, he again enlisted , was ordered to Portland, under Col. Joseph Prime --- was employed in building the fort which closed his services in this war.
Info from Paul Sullivan, The Personalities of Berwick,and the 1840 list of pensioners.


This page will be constantly updated as we find new information and patriots. Most of the patriots listed here can be found in the current copy of the Daughters of the American Revolution Patriot Index (centennial edition). The DARPI only lists patriots whose actions can be proven and who have had descendents file applications for membership under. While no where a complete listing of patriots it is one of the most comprehensive availible to the general public without visiting the national archives. Others in this list have had proof of service found in the pension records of New Hampshire and Maine of 1835 or other sources. The primary source of proof of service can be found with the listing for the patriot. There are other patriots in our tree, but they are only cousins, those listed here are direct line relations.

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